Public Engagement



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Prison Rebellion and Prison Reform panel, UVA Law

Keynote discussing Portals at Brown University.

On the Ethics of Policing at Penn State.

On Kavenaugh and willingness to forgive bad teen behavior – Vox

Why white people keep calling the cops on black Americans – Vox and Charlotte Talks

Interview on St. Louis Public Radio

On Trump and Criminal Justice 

Maryland Judiciary Education Center, presentation on the Impact of Incarceration on Communities (Oct. 2016)

Educate the Vote: Presidential Election 2016, Cornell University Institute for Public Affairs

Did Blacks Really Endorse the 1994 Crime Bill?  NYTimes Op-Ed with Elizabeth Hinton & Julilly Kohler-Hausmann

The Missing Lesson of Ferguson: Conduct ≠ Contact

On Baltimore and Freddie Gray

On Walter Scott and police misconduct (reprinted in Newsweek and the New Republic)

On Race and Starbuck’s

Marshall Project:  The Missed Opportunity of Robert Woodson

Slate: Protest is Democracy at Work

Baltimore Sun piece “High Incarceration may be more harmful than high crime”

Video on CSPAN Book TV  2015 Harlem Book Fair, Panel Discussion on Wealth Inequality

On Ferguson in Theory & Event:  Black Citizenship and Summary Punishment: A Brief History to the Present

On Slate’s Gabfest with Emily Bazelon and James Forman: “The All Criminal Justice Edition”

“The Only Government I Know” in the Boston Review May/June 2014 issue

Arresting Citizenship is on shelves! Listen to a short Ted-style talk on the book

Our op-ed in the New York Times

On violence in New Haven in the Yale Daily News (longer version with images)

ThinkProgress interview

BlogTalkRadio interview

Discussion of my research in Next City, “The Political Cost of A Heavy Police Presence” and “Who Is Most Likely to Dial 311?

Minnesota Post on my research

“How America’s Public Safety System Hurts Our Democracy”  (Listen)

Washington Post piece about my research with Amy Lerman

NPR interview related to themes in Creating a New Racial Order

Debate on blogginheadsTV about the effects of criminal justice