Public Engagement

Podcasts & Radio

“The All Criminal Justice Edition” Emily Bazelon, James Forman Jr., & Vesla Weaver

Public Speaking & Keynote Addresses

“Harvard’s Five Big Ideas in Inequality” series
Police Violence in Comparative Perspective”
at Columbia University
Race & the Criminal Justice System: Where do we go from here?”
“Democracy 20/20- Already Authorian? Violence, Policing, and Democracy”
“Racial Justice, Policing, and Protest”
Annual Reviews Shot of Science
Politics and Prose Live! Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson |
Let Them Eat Tweets
Prison Rebellion and Prison Reform panel, UVA Law
Keynote Discussing Portals
at Brown University in a new tab)

Media Appearances

Next City
“The Political Cost of a Heavy Police Presence”
Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow &
Vesla Weaver
Next City
Who Is Most Likely to Dial 311? Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow &
Vesla Weaver

Op-Eds & Essays

The New York Times
Did Blacks Really Endorse the 1994 Crime Bill? Elizabeth Hinton, Julilly Kohler-Hausmannand, & Vesla M. Weaver
The Boston Review
“The Only Government I Know” Vesla M. Weaver
May/June 2014 issu
The New York Times
“Is The United States
A Racial Democracy?”
Jason Stanley & Vesla M. Weaver

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On Ferguson in Theory & Event:  Black Citizenship and Summary Punishment: A Brief History to the Present